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About Us

Meet The Team

JaynJay Originally started with just a few brothers and a few friends. Now, people and fans of avatar from all over the world have reached out to help us grow an exceptionally talented team.


Check us and our stories out below!

The Team

The People of JayNJay Studios

Johnathan Gallo FB profile pic.jpg
Johnathan Gallo

Co-Founder/Director - Is currently the Director for Avatar: The Last of The Airbenders

Justin Gallo FB profile pic.jpg
Justin Gallo 

Co-Founder - Helps manage interns and other crew members.

Keana Cadiente FB Profile Pic.jpg
Keane Cadiente
FB profile pic_edited.jpg
Daniel Hansen

Social Media Intern:

Intern for JNJ's YouTube channel. 

JNJ Website Admin:

Also, designs, edits, and maintains this website.

FB william profle.jpg
William Lechtenberg

Social Media Intern:

Helps run, and maintain JNJ's TikTok account.

edward FB profile.jpg
Edward Enciso

Social Media Intern:

Helps run, and maintain JNJ's TikTok account.

Also writes scripts for JNJ's YouTube channel.

Batman 1.png
Lewi Thute

Actor - Currently playing as "Joanin" in, Avatar: The Last of The Airbenders

Levi 'James' Borland

VFX Artists - Also owns a movie theater down in Arizona!

Link to his movie theater...

Amber Schwenidman

Intern for JNJ: Helped(s) design costumes for JNJ projects.

nick evans fb profile photo_edited.jpg
Nick Evans

VFX Lead for JNJ

(Works for Sony Pictures! A real pro artist!)

The flash.png
Michael Armacost

VFX Lead for JNJ

(Works for Inustrial Lights and Magic. Worked on Stranger Things for Netflix. Another real pro artist!)

Pulkit Sharma
Visual Effects Artists (VFX)
Dajana Menge

VFX artist

deadpool 1.png
Francis Check

VFX artist

Zachary McCarthy
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