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About JayNJay Productions

JNJ Studios is "a group of nerds who really have a passion for making good content." Having started originally from three friends in Florida, JNJ is currently expanding into a good sized team full of people passionate from around the world who like to amplify the stories that we all love and to create new stories for us to enjoy!

At JNJ, we strive to make our community feel like one big family with an on going activity of "tapping into the fandom" by having fans provide feedback on what they want to see us make. We hope you choose to subscribe and join our family and this activity as well. Plus we plan to bring you along on the fun ride of us being film-makers and maybe you can learn how to become one as well! Being part of our community, we hope to teach you how to make your own great stories by following in our footsteps. We hope you are ready for what's to come, it'll knock your socks off!


Why JNJ Studios? Well, because: 

- One:

 We feel like every fandom Hollywood touches ends up getting 'butchered' eventually. 
- Two:

 All of their original stories are old, they are just making remakes now, so no one really cares for their old stories. 
- Three:

 "We're so sick and tired of relying on Hollywood for all of our 'quality content.'" 
- And four:

 "Because we know that fans make things a lot better! They actually have passion for the stories and understand the concepts and parameters that other fans enjoy and love about the stories. Not just some Hollywood executive like, 'Oh yeah! That franchise is successful! Let's grab this cool director who knows nothing about the story, and you should direct it!'" That and the walls between 'Hollywood quality' and having your backyard film look just as good is quickly closing, and we want to help show and speed up that process.

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